Do not try to open your heart.
Never tell a closed heart it must be more “open”.

It will shut more tightly
to protect itself,
feeling your resistance.

This is the supreme intelligence of the heart:

A heart unfurls only when conditions
are right.
Your demand for openness
invites closure…

Bow to the heart…
If it is closed, let it be closed…

Trust that when the heart is ready,
it will open…

There is no rush for the heart…

Trust the opening and the closing,
the expansion and contraction.

This is the heart’s way of breathing,
the beautiful fragility of being human,
all held in the most perfect

Sink more deeply into the
unchanging vastness at
the core of your being.

Rediscover the heart of who you truly are,
beyond the mask,
behind the carefully constructed facades,
the infinitely creative defences…

Simply fall into the Heart of Love,
your very nature.

– Jeff Foster